What’s Happening?

Delight in Light are the new Student Lighting Design Awards, in partnership with The Lighting Industry Association. Delight in Light strives to promote the very best in light design with young people each year and for the first time allow people to be involved with the voting process. During the year running up to the awards event the Delight in Light website will add work submitted by young people to the entries section, each entry will profile the young person and their work. All entries may be voted for with a a simple Facebook Like button click and you can vote for as many entries as you like.

Remember the deadline is 10th August 2015






To Submit you Designs it couldn’t be simpler – an email with images attached ….. the best part its completely free to enter!

We are currently accepting entries for the 2016 Delight in Light competition from students and young people. You can enter your lighting designs in to this year’s Delight in Light awards by emailing us at contact@delightinlight.org. You will need to include a description of your design in no more than 100 Words, your name and contact details, and attach your work as jpegs (627 pixels wide x 470 pixels high and no larger than 1 mb each.) You should name the images “your name_product_name_1-5” (eg Simon_Terry_loader_lamp_1.jpg) noting that you are allowed a maximum of 5 images. It couldnt be simpler than that. Remember the first image should be as eye catching as possible and the other images should support your design. You may also update images by sending revised versions in the above format, after feedback and we will replace them for you up to the final submission date. Once entered your work will be placed on the Delight in Light website ready to be voted on by the general public.

if you want to find out about the design brief then please carry onto the next section:

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