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The Brief

In the normal course of events when a design brief is delivered to a company, it is a cross-functional team that will receive it and work will be apportioned according to the strengths of the team members. In the case of the Young Lighting Design Competition- you are the team. As such it is a useful exercise to ‘interrogate’ the brief from a number of perspectives in order to gain a better understanding and a varied impression of what is being asked of you. By this we mean look at it from the point of view of not just the product designer but the marketing guy, the toolmaker, distributor, and of course the end user.

Start with Customer Needs

Successful new products should be based on what your research tells you the customer could need and want in the future. This can come from a range of source including small focus groups (that might just be your friends and family), analysis of products already successful in the market place and trends where the web can be invaluable. You are looking for an insight through this research that might differentiate your product from others on the market.

The Market

Research here is essential to understanding the risk and financial return of developing new products. You should consider, The anticipated market share, Price range, Market size, growth trends and Competitors products

Product specifications

It is important having identified the market and customer needs to stay on track and constantly check that you have not drifted away from the core values that you want to build into your design and those that are contained within the brief.

Here are the key elements to the design brief for this competition:

Remember the guidelines provided within this brief are intended to ensure you regularly ‘sense check’ your design. Judges will be impressed if you can justify the changes you made as your design progressed. Don’t be dissuaded from trying something different but just check you are still on track to fulfil the needs of the whole supply chain.

Good luck and happy designing. Once you have finished this then you need to look at how to submit your images.

Submit Your Designs

If you are a student or a young person you can enter your light/lighting designs in to this year’s Delight in Light awards by simply getting in touch by email at joj@thelia.org.uk .

You will need to include a description of your design in no more than 100 Words, your name, contact details and which institution you are/did attend (if applicable)

Attach your work as jpegs (627 pixels wide x 470 pixels high and no larger than 1 mb each.)

You should name the images “your name_product_name_1-5” (eg Simon_Terry_loader_lamp_1.jpg) noting that you are allowed a maximum of 5 images. Please remember that the first image should be as eye catching as possible and the other images should support your design.

You may also update images by sending revised versions in the above format, after feedback and we will replace them for you up to the final submission date.

Once entered your work will be placed on the Delight in Light website ready to be voted on by the general public.

If you are a college or university lecturer and wish to have your students enter Delight in Light please get in touch with us concerning entry.

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