What Comes Next?

Winning the Competition – What it can do for you and your career …

Winning the Delight in Light awards can help the young/student winner in a multitude of different ways from having the prestigious industry award on their resume to winning prizes such as placements at prestigious industry designers and design studios and gaining valuable industry experience for their future.

You can view the previous winners of Delight in Light and the Student Lighting Design Awards below.

Winner 2013 – Ash Allen

Ash Allen studied at RMIT in Australia the Diploma of Furniture Design & Technology in 2012. Ash is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Product Design at RMIT. The winning lamp is ‘Dollop’.

2013 Winner Ash Allen

Winner 2012 – Oliver Hrubiak

Recently graduated in BA(hons) Furniture and Product Design, Oliver Hrubiak is a fresh, emerging designer based in Nottingham. Oliver specialises in furniture and lighting design however he has industrial experience in graphic and interior design also. Oliver has already had success by winning the 2012 New Designers John Lewis Award and being awarded 2012 Student Lighting Designer of the Year by the Lighting Association.

Frank is aimed at a market who enjoy a mix of old and new and have an appreciation for products that are long lasting and made to a high quality.

2012 winner Oliver Hrubiak’s design ‘Frank’ is a contemporary table lamp with distinctive features and lasting charm. Characterised by obvious construction, Frank demonstrates truth to materials and truth to manufacture; combining the utilitarian feel of metal with the natural warmth of wood.

With the ability to direct light, by tilting and swivelling the shade, Frank can be used either as a task light or an ambient light. Frank utilises an led bulb that is both energy efficient and easily replaceable.

Winner 2012 - Oliver Hrubiak

Winner 2011 – James Melia

Klink is a versatile lighting unit designed for the High-End market yet still able to be mass produced. It has been designed using 21 High-Powered LEDs for energy efficiency. A custom dimming circuit board was developed to increase the versatility, lending the lamp to both ambient lighting and task lighting. The sleek cone shaped head can be angled side to side for additional functionality and to provide user-product interaction.

Kink has been designed using 21 High-Powered LEDs for energy efficiency.

The Competition has provided me much needed confidence in my designs, that alone will affect how my career progresses in a positive way. The contacts gathered in both the design and manufacturing industries will make the development of future designs much more fluid.

Winner 2011 - James Melia